MisterRolling Community Concept

The Misterrolling Community concept is born from the need to break stereotypes and social barriers among people who practice sports on wheels, demonstrating that we are all equal and that we can learn from other disciplines and apply them to our learning.

Can you imagine uniting all the skaters in the same community? Are all skaters the same?

There is an identical learning line in all skaters, whether they are children or adults. It does not matter if your learning line has been 1 minute or you live every day on your wheels. It doesn't matter if your learning has stopped at a basic level or you have reached the top, we have all put on skates for the first time.

We all start from the same point and go through the same experiences.


We have all felt the same fear, pain, despair and frustration when we do not advance, we fall or some exercise does not come out. We have all felt success and satisfaction in achieving our goals and feeling more capable every day.

We feel all skaters as part of the same family.

Regardless of their modality, experience or how many wheels you use. Let's create a new concept of skating, let's grow this community, remember that all those people shared your learning, you never know who can help you or who you can help with your experience.

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