High quality ABEC 9 MR Rock bearings. Perfect for indoor use and smooth competition floors.

Includes high quality metal pack for transport.

You will avoid bumps or dirt on your bearings.

ABEC 9 MR Rally

  • -ABEC 9 high precision lubricated with liquid oil.
    -Open bearing that gives you more speed and easier maintenance.
    -Extremely fast and also delicate supporting speeds of up to 50,000rpm and
    up to 720 km / h.
    -We innovate with the manufacture of the bearing with 7 internal balls instead of 8 as is
    usual to offer more speed even if it is possible by reducing torsion and friction avoiding
    overheating giving you a smooth glide.
    -The internal cage that holds and orders the balls is Nylon that is lighter than the materials
    commonly used by other manufacturers which improves the coefficient of friction by
    lower resistance of nylon.

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